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Sports Ride's Quad Bikes - Adrenaline for the Whole Family

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All-terrain vehicle distributor SportsRide has made available an exciting range of quad bikes through its website, The ranges on offer have been selected carefully to cater for all skill levels and requirements - from cost-conscious budget models to the high-performance Target 550 IRS. According to information portal, ATV uptake in South Africa is on the rise.

What is an ATV?

All-terrain vehicles (a category which includes quad bikes) are classified as 'quadricycles' by The National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996 as amended) - a four-wheeled motor vehicle designed to be operated by controls similar to those fitted to a motorcycle.

ATVs vary according to purpose: entry-level, utility, sport utility, sport and high-performance. Ranges available from the company's website can be classified as sport utility all-terrain vehicles, suitable for recreational use, and for purposed use on farms, plots, etc.

Built for Economy, Comfort & Performance

The Blade 325SL ATV is designed and manufactured by Taiwan-based TGB. Among all available models, it is one of the most affordable, perfect for beginners, or individuals who do not have excessive power demands. This two-wheel drive sports a 287.2cc liquid cooled engine and can deliver a maximum of 15kw (6500 rpm) power, and 24.6 Nm (5000 rpm) torque. Perfect for everyday, non-intensive use, the Blade 325SL makes a perfect light-on-fuel, general purpose ATV.

The TGB Blade 450SE is a step up from the 325SL, offering 403cc of four-wheel drive excitement. Unlike its smaller counterpart, the 450SE is big on comfort, and therefore a bit higher in price. The 14.9 kw (6500 rpm) / 26.6 Nm (4000 rpm) machine can carry 18 litres of fuel, and is perfect for individuals who need a bit more in terms of comfort and horsepower than the 325SL has to offer.

Among the more performance-based ATVs, TGB's Target 460 R has already proven a favourite with the public. The 461cc four-wheel drive engine delivers 14.8 kW (6000 rpm) power and 27.7 Nm (3500 rpm) torque. Big on performance, affordable and high on fun, the Target 460 R quad bike also looks the part with a sporty-design completing its exterior.

SportsRide's biggest performance-based vehicle is the Target 550 IRS. Boasting 503cc harnessed by a four-wheel drive system 14.1 kW (5500 rpm) power and 31.6 Nm (3600 rpm) torque, this lightweight unit is perfect for individuals who want to combine recreational biking with racing.


In addition to the mentioned ATVs, SportsRide also stocks a variety of accessories to diversify the purpose of the vehicle. Some of these accessories include back rests and cushions, carrier compartments (front and rear), bumpers (front and rear), fuel tanks and fuel tank supports, among others. The company also retails related clothing.


All the above-mentioned vehicles are fitted with front lights, break lights, indicators and rear view mirrors. Depending on where and how the vehicle will be used, licensing may be required. Driving on private roads (more than 1 kilometre) and public roads requires normal vehicle licensing subject to related criteria.

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