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The Difference between Scooters and Bikes

Scooters and bikes are both very popular and although some people think they refer to the same vehicle, there are in fact a few differences that separate them from each other. The type of vehicle you buy will largely depend on your own personal preference, but there are a few differences that you need to consider.

Both of these are enjoyable and fun to drive, offering you a quick way to navigate between places. The most important differences are in their engines and body designs, and this literally means a huge difference in safety while driving. Bikes are generally safer to drive on highways and open roads than scooters, and they are also preferred d by outdoor enthusiasts that truly enjoy driving every day.

Scooters are considered to be ideal for a quick drive between two places, specifically in the city or smaller roads that cover shorter distances. Scooters are also easier to drive, as it provides a driver with an automatic transmission system that is very easy to manage. There is thus a very small learning curve when driving these vehicles and this is also why most parents buy their children scooters when they are just starting out on the road. They are easy to drive and cannot reach the high speeds that larger bikes can.

Scooters are lighter than most bikes so they are easier to keep on the road and this makes them safer too. Being easy to manage, combined with the fact that they cannot reach the high speeds that bikes do, they are the perfect choice for people who prefer safety and ease of use over higher speeds and heavier motorcycles. Bikes have longer wheel bases, so they might be more difficult to steer as opposed to scooters that have shorter wheel bases and allow for more control over slower speeds.

Bikes are more powerful than scooters, having stronger engines that are ideal for the open road. They can reach higher speeds and they are designed to be safer on the road too. Bikes are specifically made to be driven over longer distances with ease and comfort. Bikes are also heavier and thus harder to manoeuvre on the road, making it more suitable for experienced drivers. Bikes come in many different sizes and they can become very heavy, especially when it comes to super bikes.

Most bikes also have a manual transmission system, making them harder to drive. Drivers need to learn how to drive most bikes and this might take a while, which is why some people start out with a slower, smaller bike until they are comfortable with how it works and they can manage the bike on the road. Scooters cannot accelerate as fast as a bike on the road, so they have less power to offer drivers. But this fits in perfectly with their light weight bodies and they won’t be able to handle powerful engines.

Scooters also have the ability to provide additional storage, as the engine is often placed in front of the rear wheel. You can thus make use of this storage space to safely carry certain items and accessories. You won’t have this option with bikes, so this is one area where bikes are not as convenient to use every day. Larger touring bikes will have storage space added to them, so they are an exception to this rule.

SportsRide is a leading provider of scooters and bikes, both for on-road and off-road use. We have been in business for more than 10 years and our showroom is based in Centurion, Gauteng.

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