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World Leader in Quad Bikes South Africa

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SportsRide is the leader in world class quad bikes in South Africa. With a large staple of bikes from the leading manufacturers and brands, SportsRide has been supplying South Africans with affordable quad bikes for more many years. Popular brands made available through SportsRide include PGO, TGB, TOMCAR and others.

Test Drive your SportsRide Quad Bike Today

The public is invited to test drive any of the quad bikes available from SportsRide. This will afford them the opportunity to speak to a seasoned technician who will also be able to inform them of all the specs of the quad bike.

There are models available for members of the family regardless of age or experience. The exciting range of quad bikes in South Africa is available through SportsRide’s website and features all its carefully selected models. The range of quad bikes vehicles includes models for the cost conscious consumer to the high performance Target 550 IRS, among others.

Bug Racers from SportsRide

A popular staple of the SportsRide range include the Bug Racers. These vehicles are quite similar to dune buggies and are recreational vehicles that feature wide and characteristically large wheels. The reason why these vehicles are so popular include that they are suited both for on and off road use and that they feature a sporty aesthetic body.

The Bug Racer 500 and BR600 rely on an engine which is mounted on an open chassis. This is in opposition to closed body chassis as normal cars would have, in an effort to increase the power to weight ratio of the vehicle. A first of its kind is the Bug Racer 500i which features the very first 460cc all-terrain buggy anywhere in the world. It features a max torque of 36.5 Nm and a maximum 6750 rpm power.

Both the Bug Racer 500 and BR600 can be licensed for use on South African roads. Drivers with a Code B driver’s license will be able to operate these vehicles legally on private and public South African roads. These Bug Racers can also be insured since it adheres to all local prerequisites.

Finance through SportsRide

Making it even easier for South Africans to own their own quad bike in South Africa is the new feature from SportsRide where you can gain financing for your bike. This makes it even easier to drive away with your own all-terrain vehicle. This affordable way of financing your quad bike is made easy thanks to SportsRide’s easy application procedure and they look favourably on consumers who look to apply for finance for their bikes.

SportsRide focuses on brining the innovations o all-terrain vehicles to the South African industry in an affordable and sustainable way. Visit SportsRide online and make arrange a test drive of any of their many state of the art and safe quad bikes in South Africa.

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