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Quad Bikes in Pretoria – Affordable Adventure for Every South Africa

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SportsRide is well-known across South Africa for its high quality and affordable off road vehicles. They have now made available an exciting range of cost-effective quad bikes in Pretoria and through their website Their entire range of quads have been carefully selected to meet the requirements and skill levels of their consumers. These range from their affordably priced entry level models to the higher end Target 550 Series.

Adventure for the Whole Family

According to recent studies all-terrain vehicles use among South Africans are on the rise. SportsRide has an entire range available for the whole family, from children to teenagers through to dedicated series for adult divers. Quad bikes falls under all-terrain vehicles and are classified as quadricycles according to the National Road Traffic Act of 1996. It is a four-wheeled vehicle that has been designed to be operated by the controls which are similarly fitted to a motorcycle.

These vehicles are able to go the distance and are built to last. Their new models of quad bikes are the result of more than three decades’ worth of expert engineering and professional expertise. The vehicles are uniquely designed with a very low centre for gravity and a short wheel base. Its long suspension travel and high ground clearance will separate their off-road vehicles from their competitors.

Their range of TOMCAR quad bikes were first used as a military solution – this was due to their vehicles’ compact size, making it faster and safer for off-road use as opposed to other all-terrain vehicles. It is also a lot more agile and nimble while being high enough to still float over rocks and other debris with ease while also handling inclines effortlessly.

Another feature that sets SportRide’s quad bikes apart from the rest is its oversized high grade steel frame. This will protect the driver and passenger from possible injuries thanks to the armoured shell created by the frames. The vehicle’s underside is comprised of a flat skid plate which is manufactured from aircraft aluminium. This makes it far easier for the vehicle to simply slide over rocks and stumps. SportRide’s all-terrain vehicles offer low-end torque with a lot more horsepower. They also come with a 1.4 litre diesel engine and a 1.0 litre gasoline engine. Both of these engines are also liquid cooled.

The transmission of their quad bikes are comprised of two shift levers while there is a rear and front full independent suspension which is included with adjustable hydraulic and dual coil shocks. These and the many other features that separate SportRide’s quad bikes in Pretoria from its competitors derive as a result of the precision engineering which their all-terrain vehicles have become so well-known for. They continue to deliver top quality ATV vehicles that can be used wherever you need them.
Exciting Accessories

Aside from SportRide’s vast selection of ATV vehicles and quad bikes in Pretoria, they also stock a vast variety of accessories that aims to further diversify the purpose of their vehicles. Some of these accessories also include front and rear carrier compartments, cushions and back rests, front and rear bumpers, fuel tank supports and a lot of other accessories. They also have a range of related off-road vehicle clothing available for all their customers.

SportRide’s quad bikes are all fitted with front lights, indicators, brake lights and rear view mirrors. Depending on how you intend to use the vehicle you might be required to license it. It is possible to drive these vehicles on public roads subject to vehicle licensing that adheres to related criteria.

Their quad bikes and other all-terrain vehicles are priced affordably and competitively and their seasoned sales force will help you to make the best purchasing decision. You can enjoy your quad bike anywhere on and off South Africa’s roads and know that you and your passengers are protected by many years’ worth of engineering investment into state of the art safety features. For affordably priced and high quality ATV vehicles and quad bikes in Pretoria, contact SportsRide today.

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