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Quad Bikes for Sale on Gumtree

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Quads are a wonderful option for recreational activities as they can be driven over all kinds of terrain as they are tough and rugged, and for those adventures savvy, they provide a wonderful sporting option. If you are thinking of buying your own quad, you need to familiarize yourself with the various types of quad bikes for sale Gumtree, which will ensure you choose a bike that is suitable for your needs.

There are four types of quads such as sport, utility, on road and off-road. Bikes with a four wheel drive are mainly used for utility purposes and are far larger than those used for recreation purposes. The four wheel drive comes with a solid suspension and frames in order to carry heavy weights. This type of quad can be used to tow a vehicle and are specially engineered and designed for rough terrains.

The utility comes with full skid plates attached and are ideal for farming and for those that camp out regularly.

Off-road Bikes Are Always Fun to Ride On

The off-road quads are extremely popular and sought after and are specially made for uneven terrain. The off-road bikes are not permitted to drive on the roads as they do not have mirrors, lights or hooters. On the other hand, an on road quad can be legally driven on roads, and are a far better option as they can be driven off-road as well.

Sport quads are much smaller than the utility and the sport can accelerate far quicker. The sport model has a two wheel drive that can be manoeuvred easily and is automatic, and is ideal for those seeking adventure as the bike is fast and is used for racing. Both utility and sport quads can be used on- and off-road if they meet the legal requirements for on road.

Quad Bikes for Sale on Gumtree

When searching for quad bikes for sale on websites such as Gumtree, the smaller versions are equipped with small 50cc engines and the larger quads have 1000cc or higher engines. The 50 cc and 90cc are ideal models for children. Before purchasing the bike, take it for a test drive, to make sure the bike meets with your needs and is suitable. Quads are bulky and large, and if not driven carefully can cause serious injuries.

Before purchasing, ask if the bike has been approved for road use, if not, you can apply for type approval if the bike meets with road safety standards. Once you have purchased a bike, it must be registered with DVLA and number plates are required and a valid tax disc must also be displayed.

To be sure that you are not buying problems, rather buy from a company specialising in quad bikes, like SportsRide. We will offer you a number of bikes to choose from, you just need to decide what engine size and colour.

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