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Off road vehicles like the SportsRide TOMCAR are unmatched and are known for endurance which was originally an off road military vehicle known to be tough and fast off road. TOMCAR has now been modified into a versatile, ultra functional durable quad that can be utilized in the most demanding conditions for both private and commercial use.

As opposed to mass market UTVs and ATVs SportsRide quad bikes are built and designed to a high professional grade standard, using the highest grade quality components and materials. The TOMCAR in particular is designed to be extremely dependable, rugged and safe as the quad comes with a heavy duty 4 wheel independent suspension and a completely welded steel tube chassis which makes this quad immensely strong and durable.

Getting To Know More About Off Road Vehicles

Most off road vehicles are powered by diesel or gasoline engines which make them an efficient choice, bringing together an all terrain vehicle that provides core value. With the quads low vehicle weight, low centre of gravity, high ground clearance and long suspension travel, their performance off road is like no other as they are manoeuvrable and fast.

SportsRide quad bikes are built to last and be driven anywhere as the new models are the product of three decades of professional expertise engineering. The TOMCAR was originally used as a military solution, due to the vehicle being small, safer and faster off road and as opposed to other ATVs, it is far more nimble and agile and is high enough to float over debris and rocks with ease as well as handle inclines easily. The TOMCAR is able to withstand all types of climates, no matter how harsh.

When it comes to a "go anywhere" vehicle, SportsRide is up to the challenge as they offer a unique design with a low center of gravity, short wheel base, high ground clearance and long suspension travel to set their off-road vehicles from all the others. The TOMCAR is engineered to military specifications and is hand assembled in the USA using only the highest quality materials. It is also the only vehicle of its type which is now available to private and commercial buyers in South Africa.

SportsRide Quad Bikes and TOMCARs with Added Features

Another amazing feature that stands out is the oversized high grade steel frame, which protects the driver and passengers from injuring themselves as the frame creates an armoured shell. The underside comprises of a single flat skid plate made from aircraft aluminium, which in turn causes the vehicle to slide over stumps and rocks. A lot of the ATVs on offer are able to deliver low-end torque and more horsepower, and comes with a 1.0 litre gasoline engine or a 1.4 litre diesel engine of which both engines are liquid cooled.

The transmission of quad bikes also comprises of two shift levers and there is a front and rear full independent suspension included with a dual coil and adjustable hydraulic shocks. All of these features mentioned are a result of precision engineering with the intention of delivering top quality off-road vehicles that can be used to have fun wherever you decide to go.

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