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Tips on Safety When Riding a Quad Bike

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Various studies and consumer surveys have found that sale of quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles in South Africa are on the rise. These quad bikes are fantastic for recreational use and are flexible thanks to their ability to be driven over just about any type of terrain. If you want to purchase a quad bike for yourself or one for your child, then you need to familiarise yourself not only with the different types of bikes but also with the correct safety measures.

There are normally four types of quad bike categories, namely:

  • Off-road
  • Utility
  • On road and
  • Sports quad bikes

With the increased safety measures and features put in place by developers and manufacturers of quad bikes for sale on the open market, there is really no need for any injury or death to occur from driving these fun vehicles. However, when driven by inexperienced drivers it does up the risk of handling these vehicles. There are various ways to negate the risks associated with operating these vehicles.

Follow these safety tips while operating your quad bike:

  • Drivers under 16 years shouldn’t operate quad bikes on their own: It is always recommended that children that are under sixteen should never be left to operate a quad bike or all-terrain vehicle on their own. This is a particularly important rule to stick to since younger children can frequently be injured on their all-terrain vehicles or quads due to their inexperience at operating these vehicles and their smaller size. Even once a child turns 16 and are able to fully operate the vehicle on their own, adult observation should still be present.
  • Protective gear for a reason: Similarly to operating a bike or motorcycle, riding a quad bike also requires you to wear the correct protective gear. You should never get on a quad without wearing a helmet. It has been proven that the fatal and most serious accidents happen while the driver is not wearing his or her helmet and then subsequently falls on their head. Even though helmets might not always be the flashiest of accessory, they literally have the ability to save your or your child’s life. Always wear the correct eye protection too, as branches, rocks or even bugs can fly into your eyes and cause really serious damage or cause you to have an accident. Wearing protective gloves and boots will protect your feet and hands while you are operating your quad bike.
  • Invest in driver’s safety courses for you and your family: If you and your family all enjoy taking your quads on rides, why not invest in a driver’s safety course for all of the drivers in your family? It’s only natural that before you attempt to drive a car that you will take a driving course, so why should the quad bike be any different? These courses will educate the drivers and help them to learn the correct responses to handling potential emergencies.
  • Only one rider: Quad bikes are only designed to be able to handle one driver, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. The driver will need to manipulate their weight so that they are able to successfully control the vehicle, driving with two drivers will make this an incredibly dangerous endeavour. Additionally, your quad bike might be unable to successfully hold the combined weight of both riders, and this will contribute to making it less stable and far more likely to roll over. By driving around a passenger it can also distract the driver from properly handling the vehicle.
  • Don't speed: Your quad bike has been designed to achieve certain speeds safely. By increasing the speed, especially when charting through some extra rough terrains will decrease your control as well as the stability of the vehicle. This will make you a lot more prone to being involved in an accident too.

It is sad that there are a lot of adults that are still tempted to operate their quad bikes while under the influence of alcohol. This should never be done since it can affect your reaction time as well as your judgement and thinking process. You should avoid operating a quad bike during this period. Search around for bargain quad bikes for sale and enjoy it responsibly and safely.

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