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SportsRide Now Stocking PGO Series

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All-terrain vehicle (ATV) distributor SportsRide has made available to the public the PGO series Bug Racers. These are manufactured by PGO, a Taiwan-based scooter, quad bike and bug racer manufacturer.

Bug racers, similar to dune buggies, are recreational vehicles with characteristically large, wide wheels. These vehicles rely on an engine mounted on an open chassis – opposed to a closed body like the ones on normal cars – to increase the power-to-weight ratio.

Bug Racer 500i & BR600

The SportsRide PGO series includes the very well-known Bug Racer 500i and now also the Bug Racer 600. Both of these units are fitted with a sporty aesthetic, and are perfectly suited for road use, as well as bundu-bashing in the vast and diverse South African terrain.

The Bug Racer 500i boasts being the first 460cc all-terrain buggy in the world, with "the combined characteristics of Race car and utility vehicle, distinctive design and dazzling performance". The 500i has a maximum 15kW (6750 rpm) power, and a maximum torque of 36.5 Nm.

Complete with four-wheel drive vehicle and 19.5 litre petrol tank, the vehicle can manage 20 kilometres per litre when travelling on a road, making it more fuel-efficient than most cars today, and also one of the most environment-friendly. The fortified structure ensures driver safety, while the simplified console makes it a breeze to use.

Its bigger counterpart is the all-new BR600, and comes complete with an impressive parts manufacturer list including a Bosch injection system, NASA tech pistons and a Vortex cooling system. Fitted with a 558cc engine, it is capable of delivering maximum power of 14.9kW (6000rpm), and 37Nm (3000rpm) maximum torque. It also boasts a 30 litre petrol tank.

The PGO BR600 also boasts a ceramic coated cylinder, negative curvature cam profile, high tumble ratio intake manifold, wet clutch and roller-type rock arm, to name only a few performance-enhancing components.


Both PGO Bug Racers can be licensed for road use on South African roads. An individual will require a Code B driver's license to operate one of these vehicles legally on a public or private road. Owners will be able to insure their Bug Racer(s) since it adheres to all local requirements. Although the price tag isn't as hefty as that of a new standard vehicle, financing is available through SportsRide.


According to its website, SportsRide has sold many units to individuals, security companies and game farms. The vehicles are currently also in use in the mining industry. With the first units flying off the shelf since the 2010 launch of the 500i, there has as yet not been a single warrantee claim. This means that these vehicles are among the most hardy and reliable in use today.

About the Company

Founded in 2012, SportsRide is focused on bringing innovations to the South African ATV market. It acts as a retailer for well-known ATV brands, including PGO, TOMCAR, and TGB, with their products tested and approved by TUV, RDW, NRCS (SABS) EC and DOT/EPA. The company is headquartered in Centurion, Pretoria.

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