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The SportsRide PGO Series Synonymous with Fun

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In 2010 SportsRide was founded with the intention of brining an innovative ATV market to South Africa without compromising on quality and at the same time selling quads at well affordable prices. In 1964 PGO was founded and the company has been designing a wide selection of scooters which are used worldwide. They also have the rights to altering illustrations and specifications in order to constantly make improvements to stay in line with constantly changing market.

The prime philosophy of PGO is having fun and since the very first PGO series was introduced, people around the world have been given that with their novel concepts and innovative ideas. From the initial Vespa scooters, the CVT transmission scooters right the latest most innovative buggy and quads, PGO will continue to deliver innovative fun ideas for many years to come.

The SportsRide PGO Series is Just the Start of It

SportsRide offers TOMCARs, PGO scooters , PGO buggies and TGB quad bikes, and all their products are approved and tested by DOT/EPA, RDW, SABS, TUV and EC. In order for SportsRide to provide the very best service to their customers, their workshop comprises of the most advanced equipment. The company’s key to success is their maintenance and service provided to customers and their after sales parts availability.

If you are uncertain then go in and see for yourself and while you are there you can take a test drive and see why SportsRide is the top choice. For instance, SportsRide has the Bug Racer 500i SPR, the first all-terrain 460cc Buggy ever built. The 500i showcases characteristics of a utility vehicle and racing car, showcases fantastic performance and has its own distinctive design, and in any which way is truly a unique model that is a true representation of PGO.

This PGO series not only has top engine supremacy, but also efficiently reduces air pollution as well as petrol consumption. The series has been tried and tested extensively for rigidness and reliability in the roughest terrains possible for thousands of miles. Riders that love the rugged terrain can now look forward to operating an easy console which is really eye catching and trendy and it is now legal to ride on the roads in South Africa.

Customise Your Off Road Vehicle for Maximum Fun

In addition there are various customized accessories to provide the rider with more fun which include a luggage bag, A-Arm skid protector as well as a gas tank shock absorber, on and off road front and rear tires and more. If you enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy riding, you should never compromise for anything less than the best. In addition, the SportsRide PGO series is in line with carbon emission regulations and has passed the standard emission phase which is the strictest standard worldwide.

The PGO series are exceptionally easy to maintain and are specifically built to last you a lifetime. SportsRide guarantees total customer satisfaction as every unit has to pass the reliable and stable quality control policy from manufacturing to after service. PGO’s products are now available in South Africa of which have won National Quality Awards for 6 consecutive years as well as have won Good Product and Design Awards.

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