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The Fun of a Beach Buggy Adventure

Beach buggies have been around for a long time. For many South Africans it holds favourable memories of growing up and spending hours on the beach with family and friends. These buggies are mainly seen in coastal cities and towns and isn't often used other than on the beach. A beach buggy is considered a summer fun ATV and is something similar to a convertible in Miami. Although these beach buggies are found in most coastal towns, they have mainly found their home in the KwaZulu-Natal area.

The reason for beach buggies finding a steady audience in KZN is mainly due to the tropical weather that this province experiences – it is virtually summer all year round although locals in the area might disagree. There are also many places that surround South Africa such as Namibia and Mozambique where owners of beach buggies can also have the time of their lives. Namibia is mostly known for its dunes and its desert sand and this is why the owners of beach buggies find this country to be the ultimate beach buggy playground.

There are a number of countries all around the world that have specially allocated beaches for beach buggy drivers and enthusiasts. If you ran a search on the Internet you'll find there to be many beach buggy clubs that are formed in coastal towns in South Africa. These groups and clubs often arrange group travels together and find places where they are able to have fun with their beach buggies. What makes beach buggies a fun toy is that they virtually cost peanuts compared to a car, they are far lighter on fuel and you get to build your own beach buggy from scratch if you wish.

We are one of the leading South African suppliers of cost effective and quality beach buggies. Our clients have come to trust the SportsRide brand thanks to our continued commitment to quality and state of the art all-terrain vehicles. We are proud of our long history in the industry and provide you with all the gear and products to keep you safe while enjoying your beach buggy.

Some of our other products include scooters, quad bikes and buggies to name but a few. We import and distribute world leading brands of ATVs, including PGO, TGB and TOMCAR. Our large buying power enables us to supply the very best quality products to our customers at incredibly competitive rates.

We have many sales professionals at the ready who are waiting to assist you in making the best purchasing decision possible. They will answer all your questions and make the best recommendations for your needs. We supply protective gear such as jackets, helmets and gloves and will help you to stay as safe on the road as possible. If you are in the market for affordable beach buggies, scooters, quad bikes or other ATV vehicles then speak to any of our experienced sales force who will be more than happy to assist or visit our Pretoria showroom to take it for a test drive!

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