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Differences between Beach Buggies and Off Road Buggies in South Africa

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You have seen them on TV and in races, but do you really know what an off-road buggy is? If you are looking for one what would you pay, and what is the best brand of off-road buggies in South Africa? An off-road buggy is considered an ATV, or an all-terrain vehicle. This off-road buggy is essentially derived from the beach buggy, which is its more elegant cousin. It is as elegant as a buggy essentially can be. The difference between the beach buggy and the off-road buggy, which is also at times known as the dune buggy, is that the off-road buggy bodywork is essentially just a frame. The frame, however, is constructed in such a way that it protects the driver from sustaining any bodily harm and injuries.

Another big difference between the two types of buggies is that the off-road buggy in South Africa has a stronger engine than that of the beach buggy. The suspension of course features prominently in these off-road buggies, and is therefore fitted with only the best suspension systems available on the market. An interesting fact about the off-road buggy is that it is not only used for racing in recreational purposes, but is also used in some military branches. The reason for this is that these off-road buggies are small enough and rugged enough to get into areas where larger vehicles are unable to. These off-road buggies are mainly used to reach the remote areas in military situations. Depending on the brand of all-terrain vehicles, some are preferably used by the military, mining industry and even the agricultural industry.

Just this fact alone is a testament to how rugged these powerfully built off-road buggies can be. The final difference between the beach buggy and the off-road buggy is obviously the wheels and tires that are used on these vehicles. With the beach buggy, it uses larger wheels than a regular road vehicle. However, they are smaller in size than those that are used in off-road buggies. The front and rear wheels of the off-road buggy usually differ in size. The wheels at the back of an off-road buggy are connected directly to the drive train of the vehicle, which allows for the strength of the rear wheel drive. The forward wheels on the off-road buggy are only for steering and balances purposes. Typically, one would find that the rear tires on an off-road buggy are not that smooth and in actual fact resembles that of a tractor tire. This is for traction purposes.

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